NEW! COVID-19 Immunization Programs for Azara Patient Outreach

Azara's new COVID-19 Immunization programs within Azara Patient Outreach enable DRVS users to automate patient outreach for scheduling and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

What is Azara Patient Outreach?

Azara Patient Outreach, powered by CareMessage, helps DRVS users improve patient care and close care gaps by allowing them to conduct targeted outreach programs utilizing patient information already contained and curated within DRVS.   

DRVS users can engage patients through pre-configured “Set it and Forget it” programs that automatically initiate patient contact (text or automated call), track response and follow-up actions, adjust outreach efforts and quantify results.  For any program conducted, users can view the efficacy and performance of the effort using the Measure Analyzer and DRVS Dashboards to gain insights on patient response and impact on quality results.  Health Center staff can now prioritize their personal outreach workload to a much smaller set of unengaged patients—those who do not respond to the automated campaigns.

What are the COVID-19 Immunization programs?

Azara now offers two COVID-19 Immunization programs within its Azara Patient Outreach module.  The innovative solution, powered in part by partner CareMessage, allows Azara clients to automate the process of outreach to patients regarding scheduling and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

With automatic prioritization and outreach to patients based on a set of clinical factors, the solution frees up valuable staff time to administer the vaccine and care for patients during the pandemic.

How does it work?

The COVID-19 Immunization programs within Azara Patient Outreach follow a proven four-step methodology to encourage patients to take action to protect their health.

  1. Providers at the client center, clinic, or practice establish clinical guidelines to prioritize which patients should receive the vaccine.
  2. Outreach texts and clinical guidelines are configured within the Azara population health solution (DRVS).
  3. DRVS continuously runs its inclusion algorithms in the background to identify patients who are prioritized to receive the vaccine.
  4. As patients are determined by inclusion criteria for the COVID-19 Immunization programs to match the pre-configured guidelines, automated outreach texts are sent to patients alerting them to the availability of the vaccine or that they are due for their second dose.

The COVID-19 Immunization programs within Azara Patient Outreach can be configured to alert patients to COVID-19 vaccine availability as well remind patients regarding a second dose if required by the vaccine manufacturer.  The program includes customization for patients with and without upcoming appointments.

Are the programs available to all DRVS users?

The COVID-19 Immunization programs are included in the standard Azara Patient Outreach module and have been activated for all existing users.  To help make it easier for Azara DRVS users who do not yet have Azara Patient Outreach, Azara is offering a “COVID only” package to assist our clients in fighting the pandemic.  In partnership with our patient engagement partner, CareMessage, we are offering the Azara Patient Outreach module at more than a 50% discount for for the first 6 months of use. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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