Azara Patient Outreach

Powerful Patient Engagement within DRVS

Azara Patient Outreach helps Azara DRVS users improve patient care and close care gaps by allowing them to conduct targeted outreach programs utilizing patient information already contained and curated within DRVS.

DRVS users can now engage patients through pre-configured “Set it and Forget it” programs that automatically initiate patient contact (via text or automated call), track response and follow-up actions, adjust outreach efforts and quantify results.  For any program conducted, users can view the efficacy and performance of the effort using the Measure Analyzer and DRVS Dashboards to gain insights on patient response and impact on quality results.

Practice staff can now prioritize their personal outreach workload to a much smaller set of unengaged patients—those who do not respond to the automated campaigns.

Azara Patient Outreach allows users to:

  • Greatly expand the number of patients that can be reached

  • Identify care gaps or soon to be due items (immunizations, well child visits, etc.)

  • Initiate automated patient outreach via text

  • Automatically move patients in and out of the program based on their actions/responses

  • Report on measure improvement and response rates

  • Improve patient care and patient engagement

  • Support and educate patients for wellness and chronic care management outside of office visits*

Patient Outreach Connector

Azara Patient Outreach programs and features seamlessly connect with industry leading outreach platforms through the Patient Outreach Connector.  These interfaces quickly and easily integrate DRVS with our text messaging partners to effectively utilize your patient data and track and measure outreach efforts.

Why is Patient Outreach So Important?

  • Texting is proven to be highly effective method to engage safety net patients

  • Improves patient engagement, interaction, and communication 

  • Helps ensure patients get the care recommended for them

  • Provides quantifiable insight into campaign effectiveness and patient behavior

To have messages flow automatically to patients who need them and not those who don’t enables us to focus on higher priority outreach. 
– Azara Client

Patient Text Journey:

APO Patient Journey

Programs Currently Available

  • NEW! COVID-19 Immunizations

  • Open FIT

  • Cancer Screenings (Breast, Cervical, Colorectal)

  • Immunizations (Childhood, Adolescent)

  • Well Child

  • Flu Vaccine

  • Untested A1c / Uncontrolled A1c

  • Comprehensive Diabetes (Nephropathy, Eye and Foot Exam)

  • Chronic Disease Management and Education Programs (Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.)

  • Members / Patients without Visits

Interested in Learning More About Azara Patient Outreach or the Patient Outreach Connector?

Contact your PCA, HCCN, your Azara Account Rep or 

Check out DRVS Help for more presentations and webinars on using Azara Patient Outreach.

*Education programs are currently only available through CareMessage

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