Azara DRVS

Azara DRVS is a centralized Data Reporting and Analytics Solutions for Community Health Centers (CHCs) and health center networks and is used to facilitate care transformation, drive quality improvement, aid in cost reduction, and simplify mandated reporting. DRVS is used at over 300 health centers in 30 states representing 24 million patient lives.

Why DRVS is Unique

  • Add-on modules allow DRVS users to further transform their practices in areas such as Payer Integration, Risk Stratification, and Controlled Substance Use care.

  • Scalable population health management and quality improvement solution for single health centers, networks, and multi-state groups of safety-net providers. 

  • Delivers a seamless combination of Clinical, Claims, Practice Management and ADT information. 

  • Engineered for multi-level data exploration from an aggregated enterprise view to individual centers, providers and locations, down to individual patient detail. 

  • Created to be easy to use for frontline staff and sophisticated enough for the IT data analyst. 

  • SaaS model reduces time to value, lowers cost, minimizes maintenance, and provide instant access to the latest enhancements and regulatory updates. 


  • Clinical Integration, Centralized Reporting and Analytics

    Multi-level drill down capability from network level to patient detail, including 100+ reports and 400+ measures. 

  • Normalized and Validated Data

    Ensures accurate benchmarking, comparative analytics, best practices, adoption monitoring, and population health management. Compare measure performance across practices with the confidence of having consistent definitions. 

  • Patient Visit Planning

    Prepares clinical team for patient encounters by identifying care gaps and delivering critical data to the point of care. 

  • Dashboard and Performance Trending

    Provide insight and trending on MU, PCMH, UDS, HEDIS, P4P, and other clinical quality initiatives. 

  • Registry Reports

    Track specific populations of patients by chronic disease, age/gender or advanced filter preferences, such as payer, co-morbidities or health disparities. 

  • Referral Management Reporting

    “Close the loop” on completed referrals and quickly identify important referrals that remain incomplete. 

  • Payer Integration – Enrollment & Claims

    Understand payer member attribution, utilization and Total Medical Expense (TME). 

  • Transitions of Care Reporting

    Track and follow up with your patients as they are admitted or discharged from acute care facilities. 

  • Cohort Management

    Track both static and dynamic patient groups for grants, research or payer-based programs. 

  • Care Management Passport – Patient Profile

    Summary view of single patient providing key data points from Clinical, Claims and ADT data sources. 

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