Azara Healthcare is dedicated to providing responsive DRVS support for its customers through email, phone, and an online user group. We also provide training and resources for you to effectively use DRVS and learn and share new ideas on how to optimize the tool to transform your practice.




Azara Healthcare offers business hours phone and email support for both application and technical issues.  Azara asks its clients to centralize support through their own organization.  Typically, the PCA or HCCN appoints a data analyst to work with its centers and data to help them get the most from DRVS.  We suggest that clients route their support request through this in-house expert(s).

Training Resources & Videos

Azara provides a full range of training and start-up resources.  Each client site is given a set of User Guides and training materials.  Instructor-led training is held for both end users and managers and takes place in a combination of web-based and in-person sessions. Additional training is available upon request and may be delivered via web or onsite. In addition, Azara provides a comprehensive data mapping document detailing the specific connection to each client's EHR and EPM database as a reference guide.

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