Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health

The Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health allows DRVS users also utilizing the Luma Health Platform to improve patient care and close care gaps by enabling them to easily conduct targeted text message outreach programs.   

Using the Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health, DRVS users can engage patients through pre-configured “Set it and Forget it” programs that automatically initiate patient contact, track response and follow-up actions, adjust outreach efforts and quantify results.  

DRVS + Luma Health

Luma Health uses insights from DRVS to automatically send outreach customized to 20+ preferred languages, contact methods, patients’ natural language processing, and more. Directly from their mobile phones, patients can take actions that drive additional automated outreach, including open scheduling within the EHR, accepting appointment offers, managing referrals, mobile check-in and intake, securely communicating with staff before/after appointments, receiving lab results, and more.

For any program conducted from within DRVS, users can view the efficacy and performance of the outreach effort using the Measure Analyzer and DRVS Dashboards to gain insights on patient response and impact on quality results. 

One Click Patient Data Transfer

Patient data, already contained and curated within DRVS, can be quickly exported to Luma Health in one click—without ever having to leave the platform.

The Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health allows DRVS users to:

  • Send automated text outreach many patients at once

  • Enroll patients in outreach based on due or upcoming care gaps (immunizations, well child visits, etc.)

  • Automatically move patients into and out of programs based on text responses

  • Report on measure improvement and response rates

  • Ensure that patients get needed care by automating follow-up customized to a patient’s needs, preferences, and responses

For example, DRVS users might use the Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health to begin a “Set it and Forget it” program for colorectal cancer screening that automatically sends additional customized outreach to those who postpone or forget to schedule—helping more patients close an important care gap.

Interested in Learning More About the Patient Outreach Connector for Luma Health?

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Check out DRVS Help for more presentations and webinars on using Azara Patient Outreach.

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