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Azara Healthcare is a leading provider of data-driven reporting and analytics for the Community Health marketplace. Azara’s solutions empower Community Health Centers, Primary Care Associations and provider networks to improve quality and efficiency in all aspects of their care delivery through actionable data.

Azara provides the community healthcare market with a suite of business solutions that enables providers, health centers, and the organizations that represent them to improve their level of patient care while at the same time assuring the costs to provide care are monitored, controlled, and managed with simple, easy to use, information technology. In the era of value-based care, Azara solutions enable community health providers to see and analyze data on their patients and performance, assuring downstream decisions are based on facts and trends rather than guesses or hypotheses. Our offerings are designed for quick, efficient, and cost-effective deployment with accelerated Quality Improvement as our number one goal. Among other purposes, the company’s offerings facilitate health center transformations to highly efficient, team-based care delivery models, allowing for the delegation of appropriate work away from the provider to other staff resources. Azara DRVS also provides tools to meet federal, state, and grant-based reporting criteria.

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