Benefits for Community Health Centers

Azara DRVS delivers actionable data analytics and reporting that drives health center practice transformation improving patient outcomes, realizing cost savings and increasing operational efficiencies.

  • Documented Quality of Clinical Care

    Work with our implementation specialists to improve workflow documentation and limit the use of unstructured data in the EHR that will ensure your reports reflect the high quality of clinical care you deliver. 

  • Increase Incentive Payments

    View baseline performance and track progress toward quality goals. Target areas of greatest opportunity for both improving quality outcomes and maximizing incentive payments. 

  • Identify Best Practices and Benchmark for Improvement

    Give your team the insights they need to proactively improve results. Identify top performers and harvest best practices. Use baseline benchmarking to drive measurable improvement. 

  • Increase Access

    Improve care team efficiency, focus your resources on the patients in greatest need of intervention, and grow your practice’s ability to see patients when they need to be seen. 

  • Care Management

    Support case managers and care activities for designated populations (high risk, chronic disease, etc) with well organized, detailed information on individual patients aggregated and reconciled across EHR, Claims and ADT data. 

  • Population Health Management

    Eliminate manual chart review and duplicate entry. Unleash the power of your EHR data and better manage population health. 

  • Lower Costs of Care

    Integrate payer eligibility and claims data to identify opportunities for primary care to impact and control Total Medical Expense (TME). 

  • Improve Reporting Efficiency with Single Click Reports (UDS, MU, HEDIS, PCMH)

    Run your regulatory reports with the click of a button. Drill down to health center, location, provider and patient details to see where you stand. Make mid-course corrections to optimize performance long before submission dates. Reallocate analyst time away from data collection and onto analysis and action.  

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