Azara Care Management

Tracking the Components of Patient Care

The Azara Care Management (ACM) application was designed to leverage the full set of clinical, claims, HIE and practice management data in Azara DRVS and make it available in a simple and intuitive user interface. ACM enables practices to organize patients into groups of high cost, risk or other characteristics such as chronic diseases and allows the Care/Case Management and Care Coordination staff to manage and monitor this panel of patients by tracking the day to day tasks and follow-up activities related to their care.

The ACM application provides users with a review and understanding of a patient’s longitudinal record in a synthesized view of data from multiple sources. This enables a care manager to review the patient’s treatment record, including care received outside the Health Center, within one application and easily prioritize and schedule follow up tasks.

Azara Care Management – Passport


The ACM Clinical Passport provides the comprehensive patient overview utilizing the full suite of the DRVS data set.

ACM can be used to solve a variety of patient Care Management challenges including:

  • Identifying, Tracking and Closing Care Gaps

  • Following up on Transitions of Care

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Prenatal/Postpartum Patient Programs and Retention

  • Coordination of Hospice or Palliative Care

ACM also addresses the operational side of Care Management allowing for:

  • Understand the Efficacy of Interventions

  • Care Manager Accountability

  • Empanelment and Coverage

  • Time Tracking and Interaction Documentation for Billing and Proof of Attempt

  • Cohesive Cross-Team Communication (Medical, BH, etc.)

Azara Care Management – Dashboard


Interested in Azara Care Management?

Azara Care Management is a separate application that leverages the data within Azara DRVS. It requires setup, configuration and a separate subscription.

Contact your PCA/HCCN or Azara Representative for additional details, including pricing.

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