Medical Groups & Practices

Medical groups are facing an unprecedented pace of change in reimbursement models, regulatory requirements, and technology. As a result, many are growing larger to withstand the changes, whether by being acquired by health systems and health plans, or aligning with networks of independent practices. All of these factors result in difficult decisions about whether to keep or replace existing billing and electronic medical record systems, how to best measure population health in a hybrid reimbursement scenario of fee-for-service and fee-for-value, and how to maximize quality incentives required by CMS and commercial payers.

We provide comprehensive software and patient outreach solutions for medical groups and practices that:

  • Maximize MIPS reimbursement
  • Centralize and measure Medicaid and commercial payer incentives
  • Improve quality and close care gaps through a combination of technology and multi-modality patient outreach
  • Allow practices to remain on their existing EMR systems while layering a population health solution on top
  • Provide predictive insight into the cost of their patient population
  • Measure and analyze the voice of their patients for regulatory and elective purposes

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