Optimize your performance in MIPS

SPH Analytics brings predictive analytics and regulatory compliance together in the IgniteMIPSTM solution to enable healthcare organizations to gain efficiencies, improve scores, avoid penalties, and increase revenue for participation in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). IgniteMIPS is a cloud-based solution to manage every stage of the MIPS process, including eligibility, predictive analytics, monitoring, and submission. IgniteMIPS, combined with our advisory services gives healthcare providers the power to optimize performance in MIPS.

IgniteMIPS will help you:

  • Assess which reporting method is best for your organization
  • Decide which measures will optimize your quality score
  • Determine which measure improvements will move the needle most
  • See what your quality scores will look like under different scenarios
  • Estimate the program’s overall financial impact on your organization
  • Predict and monitor your performance as compared to benchmarks

We continue to stay attuned to the complex and ever-changing MIPS and Quality Payment Program (QPP) rules as they’re released. We incorporate the changes into the solution, and assist your organization in understanding the impact to your organization.

Secure Success in MIPS and Ignite the Movement to Value-Based Care

The stakes in MIPS and value-based care are intensifying. CMS requirements for two-sided risk are escalating, and the industry as a whole is moving closer to value-based payment models. Don’t let the administrative overhead of these programs jeopardize your standing in MIPS or crush the true mission of your healthcare practice.

We help you secure success in MIPS and use the program as a catalyst to establish a performance improvement discipline for value-based care that our clinicians can appreciate – and adopt – for years to come. IgniteMIPS relieves the burden of MIPS overhead and turns your focus toward performance improvement opportunities that drive value for your organization.

Take the guesswork out of performance

IgniteMIPS provides full transparency into your performance data so you always know where you stand froman organizational perspective down to the individual clinician and measure.

  • Monitor performance trends relative to organizational goals
  • Drill into performance details to reveal work-flow and training issues before it’s too late
  • Detect gaps in data completeness that otherwise go unnoticed in the EHR

Get all your clinicians engaged in MIPS

IgniteMIPS helps you engage and motivate clinicians based on goals and objectives that are important to them. Align all clinicians to your broader organizational objectives for MIPS and value-based care.

  • Set goals for quality measures that make sense for your organization and your clinicians
  • Create measure sets to manage performance for groups of specialists or departments
  • Deliver intuitive and relevant scorecards your clinicians will immediately understand and value

Maximize scores and financial outcomes

IgniteMIPS helps you secure your MIPS scores as expectations change and financial stakes increase.

  • Understand how changing MIPS requirements impact your organization’s performance
  • Identify improvement opportunities that will boost your score and reimbursements the most
  • Pinpoint where to take action and where to celebrate success — and leverage those successes to foster healthy competition

Comply without a second thought

We help take the regulatory burden off your plate and makes MIPS compliance easy.

  • Collaborate with our regulatory experts all year to interpret the MIPS rules and examine how changes impact your performance
  • Test the impact of MIPS submission decisions before you finalize your choices
  • Submit in a click for all MIPS categories, and capture documentation in case of a CMS audit or calculation error
  • Collaborate with a community of top MIPS performers to share best practices

MIPS is one of many value-based programs that may be in your portfolio. It can be the catalyst for change that permeates your entire organization. By working with us and IgniteMIPS you remove administrative overhead of MIPS and re-focus your team on performance improvement initiatives that drive value.


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