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Step 1: Connectivity

This step tends to be a purely technical and once connectivity is established with your EHR, Azara implements this base level data mapping of your EHR, bringing over the common data elements typically not subject to customization.  While basic data begins to flow in this step, it does not typically pick up any customer specific configurations or additional workflows, nor does it deal with data quality.  For example, in one project we noted that providers had recorded data related to smoking cessation in 12 different places, rather than the single spot within Social History where the EHR vendor expected the information to be.

Step 2: EHR Walkthrough & Assessment

This part of the process looks at the core client data set and validates that the necessary data is being collected in a consistent manner and placed within the EHR by each provider. It identifies any variations or disparities between what the providers think is happening and what the data says.

Step 3: Data Validation

The most critical and often overlooked or undervalued step of the process, this phase focuses on how the client specific EHR system customizations have impacted the collection and storage of critical information. It is within this step that outputs from custom workflows are incorporated and each and every data element is validated against test cases and provider performance perception. The output of this step includes the documentation and mapping of each data point.

Step 4: Rollout & Adoption

Typically, the validation phase uncovers variation in data collection between care providers and occasionally, deficiencies or gaps in the EHR workflow. In this phase, the focus moves to remediating the problems, whether human or system and working with front desk staff and care providers on ensuring that all the necessary collected data is being stored in the correct places in a consistent manner.

Azara is 100% committed to the success of its clients and believes that accurate data and user trust are paramount to this effort. There is no magic tool or process for escaping the work of achieving data quality. A quality installation requires time and commitment from all parties and Azara works very closely with the staff of its client’s to assure that the data in DRVS is representative of the quality of care they are delivering.

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