FHIRstation™ Interoperability Platform

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FHIRstation™ is a turn-key scalable, secure, multi-tenant Interoperability Platform for Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, health plans, hospitals, providers, and any other entities that must make available patient data in order to comply with the 21st Century CURES Act.

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Developed with data exchange experts Iron Bridge, FHIRstation (pronounced “fire station”) provides a turn-key, FHIR-based Interoperability Platform that can ingest, manage, and persist protected health information (PHI) from health plans, EHR vendors, and providers in the FHIRstation solution and provides the following:

  • Managed FHIR API service and environment
  • Unique API for every one of your locations
  • Industrial strength FHIR-based API endpoint for data storage and access in native FHIR format
  • A secure, compliant cloud environment
  • SMART on FHIR for internal and external mobile and web solutions
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Detailed audit logging for each customer tenancy

FHIRstation allows you to quickly create and deploy FHIR APIs for single and multiple locations. FHIRstation’s scalable architecture allows for high-performance for small and large data sets.

The FHIRstation platform enables interoperability with other FHIR APIs and third-party applications access to your API. We manage the operations, maintenance, backup, availability, scaling, and support for your FHIRstation API. This managed service enables health plans and EHR vendors to focus on managing their solutions and products instead of building FHIR APIs.

Scalable, Secure Native FHIR Data

FHIRstation’s secure cloud provides a scalable and secure environment for managing PHI from healthcare providers and health plans. The native FHIR data models and RESTful API makes exchanging and interoperating with other healthcare entities simple.


Instant and Unique APIs and App Registration

Your organization can create instant and unique FHIR API endpoints for each of your customer locations or health plans. Each location receives a unique API address, client identifier, and segregated data repository. These locations can implement their own application registration approval process.

Buy vs. Build to Free Development Teams

Stop wasting time building, maintaining, and supporting compliant FHIR APIs yourself. FHIRstation eliminates the need to invest countless hours and resources into custom FHIR APIs. Free up your development team to focus on value-added solutions to your organization.

Enable Interoperability with FHIR

FHIRstation’s API helps provide regulatory compliance, but it also enables interoperability with any trading partner leveraging FHIR. This interoperability could enable 3rd party health management apps to download patient data, and exchange essential claims and clinical data between payers and providers. Leverage FHIRstation to open up your data to new and future SMART on FHIR app ecosystems.

Managing Data Access

Utilize FHIRstation to provide user management and role-based access control (RBAC) or provide your users through fhirstation’s scalable and flexible user and RBAC federation. This flexibility allows for quick FHIR adoption and also the flexibility to deeply integrate with your existing infrastructure.


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