Benefits for PCAs and Networks

Azara DRVS enables Primary Care Associations (PCAs) and Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs) to expand their member service portfolio beyond advocacy to lead state or network wide quality improvement efforts with verifed data that enables a deeper level of analysis and support than ever before.

Drive Statewide Initiatives

Support statewide quality improvement, immunization, and chronic disease management initiatives with accurate data.


Document Quality of Clinical Care

Provide reports for legislators, regulators, managed care plans and other stakeholders that require verified health center data.


Enable Data Driven Advocacy

Demonstrate improved quality and cost-effectiveness of community health centers and drive more patients and funds to community health centers.


Document Benchmarks for Funding Grant Opportunities

Use data to apply for grants or to demonstrate achievement of outcomes described in applications.


Create a Platform that Supports the Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Environment

Equip your membership with the tools they need to participate in Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and/or to form Independent Practice Associations (IPA’s).


Grow Beyond Advocacy and Technical Assistance

Become an active facilitator of continuous improvement programs.


Ensure Sustainability

Offer value-added programs to help enhance clinical, operational, and nancial performance.


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