The CMS shared savings program encourages physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to work together as an accountable care organization (ACO) with the goals of improving quality and reducing cost of care for Medicare patients through tighter coordination.  There are now more than 500 ACOs in the US providing care to over 10 million Medicare beneficiaries.  With many ACOs choosing to move into two-sided risk arrangements, the stakes have become higher, requiring close collaboration and more sophisticated technology solutions.

We provide comprehensive solutions to ensure an ACO’s success, whether in a one-sided or two-sided risk arrangement:

  • Proactively monitor and improve quality across all ACO providers throughout the year
  • Maximize MIPS reimbursement
  • Allow practices to remain on their existing EMR systems while layering a population health solution on top
  • Understand and predict cost and utilization patterns of providers and patients
  • Improve quality and close care gaps through a combination of technology and multi-modality patient outreach
  • Maximize the CAHPS for ACOs survey program and outcomes
  • Measure and analyze the voice of patients for regulatory and elective purposes

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